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The purpose is to having a text going from a huge scale with echo to a normal state.
This example is very easy and enhances the 'Blur' effect.
The different stages gonna be described now.

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1 - Set up witdh, height, background color for the movie.


Click button Insert Text. Enter 'Texte', select font, its size, and a red color.
Keep text in the middle of the scene.


2 - In 'Timeline', click Frame 0 in row 'Texte', then 'AddEffect' and 'Blur'.
Duration : 20 Frames.
We only change the tab 'Blur' so that at start, text moves with a negative acceleration, scale 2 in 2 directions, being invisible and as a spot of color.
10 echoes are used to get the effect working.
Test the effect clicking FX in the property box, then button Stop



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