When Swish runs, the display shows you a classical titlebar 'Movie1',
dockable buttons bars,
an horizontal strip 'Timeline' which displays the scenario of every build objet, with associated effects,
a vertical strip 'Outline' constitued with neat objects of the movie,
a central graphic zone 'Layout' and a pannel with 4 tabs : Movie, Scene, Transform, Actions.


Button 'AddEffect' is fundamental if you wish to add an effect to a new built object.
The button with horizontal arrows allows to set width of frames in the Timeline zone.(Narrow, Normal, Wide)
The button with vertical arrows allows to set height of rows in the Timeline zone.(Short, Normal, Tall)


In that zone, you'll get the objects tree.
When clicking on [-] you limit the display of the scene or the objects group associated with.
When clicking on Eye, the corresponding object is not displayed in the graphic zone.
When clicking on icon right to the eye, you focus on that object in the graphic zone.


Right here you set up width and height of the scene as it 'll be seen on the web page.
- 'Frame Rate' permits to set up the frequency (30 à 40 frames/s is advisable)
It will have an impact on the effects which will be defined by a number of frames.
- 'Bgnd Color' permits to set up the background color of the movie.
It 'd be advisable to use an hexa-color which doesn't depend on the user 's browser (arrangement of 00, 33, 66, 99, CC, FF) example : #CC33FF
- 'Grid and Rulers' is helpful for adjustment of objects in graphic zone.
The grid is transparent in graphic zone.
- 'Loop preview animation' permits an endless movie in a preview.


'Sprite' is an object or a group of objects which have got their own life in the movie. It has got his own timeline as well. You could have a group of 'Sprites'. ( see Planets moving )

Scene, Transform, Actions, ... will be evoked in examples.


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