Usually it's the last stage of the movie creation. The purpose is to load in RAM the movie when running IF and only IF it's not already in the user 's browser 'cache'. (see also Preloader % with SwishMax)

Creating a brand new scene

1 - For that, we suppose the movie has gotten 4 scenes.

outline avec 4 scenes

2 - Click 'Insert', then 'Scene' to insert a new scene. insertion scène

insertion scène

3 - Click button Bring to Front in the buttons bar to set this scene in the foreground.
4- In the right zone, rename this scene Preloader for instance.

renommer la scene

Creating a dressing

In this section, you 'll create an animated text during preloading.

1 - Suppose the mainframe is width=700, height=450, green background color, and a frame rate 20 images/seconde.
Scene 'Preloader' being activated, click button Insert Text
2 - In right zone, click tab 'Text', enter data shown in the image that follows.

texte préchargement

3 - Right now, you are about to create the effects which you can see the results

timeline du préchargement

3.1. Click frame 1 of row of Text 'Chargement en cours...' in the Timeline zone.
Click 'AddEffect', then 'Fade In'. Keep the default values.


3.2. Click frame 11 of row Text 'Chargement en cours...' in Timeline zone. Click 'AddEffect', then 'Move'.
In tab Motion of Property box, click 'Color', then 'Fade to Color'. Keep 100%, but click the colored icon, select a lightgray color.
Text gonna go progressively from yellow to lightgray during 10 frames.
You can check it out clicking frame 11 on the graduated rule of 'Timeline'.


then 9 times button avancement of the buttons bar.

options move

3.3. Click frame 21 n the row Text 'Chargement en cours...' in Timeline. Click 'AddEffect', then 'Move'.
In tab Motion in Property Box, click 'Color', then 'Fade to Color'. Enter 0%

fade to color

Text gonna go back to yellow progressively during 10 frames.
3.4. Click frame 35 in the row Text 'Chargement en cours...' in Timeline. Click 'AddEffect', then sur 'Fade Out'. Keep the default values.

3 - Condition Expressions

1 - Scene 'Preloader' being always focused, click tab 'Actions' in right zone, then 'AddEvent' and 'At Frame'

ajout événement

2 - Keep 0 in the bottom field in the right zone because we are interested with the 1st frame. Now click 'AddAction', then 'If frame loaded'.

si image chargée

3 - You can see 'If Frame 0 of Preloader is loaded'. However, the condition must not concern the scene PreLoader. Suppose Scene1 is a Presentation and Scene2 the 1st Menu. Go to the bottom of the right zone, enter 10 right to Number, then click Preloader, select Scene2.

condition sur scene

4 - Now click 'AddAction', then 'Go to Frame'

ajout action

5 -Action concerns the 1st frame of Scene1, then click Preloader, select Scene1.

ajout action

To sum up, at Frame 0 of 'Preloader' , if Frame 10 of 'Scene2' (a menu) has been loaded, then we go straight to Frame 0 of 'Scene1' (Presentation).

6 - In 'TimeLine', click frame 30 in the row 'Preloader'

timeline frame 30

7 - While applying the previous method, do the same as following.
At Frame 30 of 'Preloader' , if 'Scene2' (menu) has been completely loaded ( -1 last frame), then go straight to frame 35 of 'Preloader' and text gonna fade out.

at frame 30

8 - In 'TimeLine', click frame 31 of the row 'Preloader'.
While applying the previous method, do the same as following.
At Frame 31 of 'Preloader', go to Frame 11 of 'Preloader'
(beginning of an effect previously described in the Dressing creation).

at frame 31


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