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The purpose is to create a scrolling text from bottom to top with progressive emergence, stop, then progressive disappearance. This example is quite simple and enhances the 'Alternate' effect. The different stages gonna be described now.

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Creating first text and associated effects

1 - Set up width, height and background color for the movie.


Click button Insert Text. Enter 'Ceci', select font, its size and a red color. Keep text in the middle of the scene.


2 - In 'Timeline', click Frame 0 in row 'Ceci', then 'AddEffect' and 'Alternate'.
Duration : 20 Frames.
We only modify the tab 'Transforms' so that at Start the text begins to move below the zone (Y < 0) being transparent.
It goes up having 25% of red color in the middle of its course and 100% when it finishes at the center of the scene.
Test the effect clicking FX in the property box, then button Stop


3 - In 'Timeline', click Frame 25 in row 'Ceci', then 'AddEffect' and 'Alternate'.
Duration : 20 Frames.
This time, we apply the inverse effect from the previous one.
We only modify the tab 'Transforms' so that at Start, the text begins from last position (center of the scene) being opaque.
The text goes up having 25% of red color in the middle of its course and becomes fully transparent at arrival. Test the effect.


Creating other texts and their associated effects

We 'll create the other texts by copy and paste, then we 'll move the effects.

1 - The text 'Ceci' being selected, hit CTRL C, then CTRL V.
In the buttons bar, click button Send to Back. Replace 'Ceci' with 'est'.

2 - In 'Timeline', in row 'est', click the 1st 'Alternate(20)', puis then maintaining SHIFT in a down state .
Click the 2nd 'Alternate(20)'. The 2 effects should be highlighted.
Click again the 1st 'Alternate' and move the whole so that the effect begins at Frame 10.

3 - Repeat §1 & §2 for text 'un' at Frame 20.

4 - Repeat §1 & §2 for text 'texte' at Frame 30.

5 - Repeat §1 & §2 for text 'défilant' at 40.

You should get



In this example, all objects have the same effects but delayed. You can try other evolutions but it is advised to write parameters you change because the possibilities are huge. Only modify a parameter at a time and test the result immediately.


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