Popup Text char by char


The purpose is to having a text appearing char by char, every char seeming to come from nothingness. This example is very easy and enhances the 'Vortex' effect.
The different stages gonna be described now.

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1 - Set up width, height, background color for the movie


Click button Insert Text. Enter 'Texte', select font, its size and a red color. Keep text in the middle of the scene.


2 - In 'Timeline', click Frame 0 in row 'Texte', then 'AddEffect' and 'Vortex'.
Duration : 30 Frames.
In tab 'Vortex', enter the data mentioned.
Swirl inwards : Every char will be attracted toward one point which is right here the final position of every char center.
During the movement, a char first rotates +135° around an Y-axis then -30° around a Z-axis. There is no change of the size, nor of the color.


In tab 'Cascade' enter the data mentioned.
At start, every char is invisible (Add).
At end, every char remains in the state got at its last position.
The effect for a char begins 2 frames before the end of the effect of the previous char.(Overlap 2)
Test the effect clicking FX in the property box, then button Stop


3 - In 'Timeline', click Frame 30 in row 'Texte', then 'AddEffect' and 'Fade Out'.
Duration : 4 Frames.

Fade Out

The text is progressively fading out.


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