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The purpose is to having a text appearing char by char, starting from a huge size going to a normal size, then making it progressively fading out while moving to the bottom.
This example is very easy and enhances 'Transform' and 'Slide Out' effects.
The different stages gonna be described now.

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1 - Set up width, height and background color for the movie.


Click button Insert Text. Enter 'Texte', select font, its size and a red color.
Keep text in the middle of the scene.


2 - In 'Timeline', click Frame 0 in row 'Texte', then 'AddEffect' and 'Transform'.
Duration : 30 Frames.
We first change the tab 'Transforms' so that at start, the text begins with scale 5 being transparent (Alpha 0%). then tab 'Cascade'.
At Start, every item is invisible. (Add).
At End, every item remains at its last position. (Freeze)
For a given item, the effect begins 10 frames before the previous effect has finished. (Overlap 10)

Transforms    Cascade

Test the effect clicking FX in prperty box, then button Stop

3 - In 'Timeline', click Frame 40 in row 'Texte', then 'AddEffect', 'Slide Out' and 'To Bottom'.
Duration : 10 Frames.
We only change the tab 'Motion' so that the text becomes transparent while going down.



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