The purpose is to show the effect of scanning a text. This ewample ist pretty complex whatsoever the animation 'll show.
We gonna use differents skills with groups of objects as well as 'Sprite'. Tool 'Reshape' 'll be used to adding anchors. We enhance the effects : Move et Linear Gradient.

Pay attention to the different stages because it's not so easy as it appears.

⇒ see the final animation ⇐

1 - Set up width, height and the background color (#006100). 'Frame Rate' : 35


2 - Creating a big rectangle named RectangleExt:
Click Rectangle. Draw a rectangle with same size as the scene.


We gonna modify it to make it a shape.
Click Reshape. Click right mouse button in the middle of the bottom line of the rectangle to display a context menu. Click Insert anchor. An anchor point then 'd appear. Move it to the center of the rectangle to yield


You gonna change the color to yield


Select #006100. The grid means we have changed the Alpha value.
For that, right after having clicked the latticed rectangle below 'Solid', click palette.
Set Red : 0 Green : 97 Blue: 0 Alpha : 191. ( this 'll give #006100 and A : 75% )

3 - Creating a complementary triangle named Triangle:
Click Rectangle. Draw a rectangle which covers the bottom half of scene.


We gonna modify to make it a triangle.
Click Reshape. Move the 2 highest points towards center to yield


Right now you gonna set a gradient linéaire of color.
It's about a variation of the Alpha background color : left index 75%  right index 100%
Click Solid of tab Shape, then Linear Gradient.
Place the indexes to only modifying Alpha, then click Properties to change angles.


propriétés gradient

4 - In 'Outline', SHIFT being in a down state, select Triangle and RectangleExt.
Click Modify, Grouping, Group. You 'd yield


In 'Timeline', click Frame 0 in row 'Group', then Add Effect, Move. Set the values mentioned hereafter :
( CCW = Counter-Clockwise


5 - In 'Outline', Group has to be highlighted.
Click Modify, Convert, Convert to Sprite. You 'd yield


In 'Timeline', click Frame 20 in row 'Sprite', then tab Action.
Click Add Action (to get At Frame 20) , then Add Event (to get 'Go To Frame 0') which allows to loop.


In the graphic zone, 'Sprite' 'd look like :


6 - We gonna create an elliptic ring with a 3D effect.
Click button Ellipse. Draw an ellipse named EllipseE

ellipse exterieure

Click again button Ellipse. Draw an ellipse named EllipseI

ellipse interieure

In 'Outline', maintaining SHIFT in a down state, select EllipseI et EllipseE. Click now Modify, Grouping, Group as Shape. You'd yield

group as shape

Click tab Shape in Merged Shape. Enter 0,1 for thickness. Change the color (#FFCC66)
Click Solid in tabShape, then Radial Gradient.

radial gradient

indexes (from left to right) : #FFFF99   #FFFF00   #FF3300   #FF9900
Keep Alpha 100%

Click tab Transform. Enter an uniform angle - 15°


Click button Send to Back in the buttons bar. 'Merged Shape' 'd be at bottom of 'Outline' tree.
We gonna put a text so that the ring seems to surround this text.

7 - Click Insert Text. Enter T, color #CC0000, font Book Antiqua

insert text

Set this text as mentioned hereafter :

transform text

In 'Outline', move the text below 'Sprite' (it 'll be scanned)

8 - Click Insert Text. Enter exte, color #CC0000, font Book Antiqua. Placez ce texte comme indiqué ci-dessous :

transform text

In 'Outline', move the text at bottom . ( the ring 'd recover the text ) You'd yield :


It's over. Test.
We could proceed in another way, creating, for instance, a big circle with a gradient color (modifying Alpha) , instead of RectangleExt and Triangle. It's up to you.


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