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The purpose is to having a text in a disk rotating around a vertical axis. This example quite easy enhances the composition of effects (Sprite) as well as 3D Spin.
The different stages are gonna be described now.

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1 - Set up width, height, and a background color for the movie.
Take a Frame Rate equal to 30


Click buttonEllipse in the graphic zone. Draw a circle in the middle of the scene.

dimensions du cercle

2 - Click button Insert Text Enter 'Text', select font, its size and the color mentioned. Keep text in the middle of the scene.

texte du logo

3 - In Outline, while maintaining SHIFT in a down state, select 'Text' and 'Ellipse'.
In menubar, click Modify, Grouping, Group as Sprite. You 'd yield


4 - In Timeline, Sprite being focused, click Frame 0 in row Ellipse, then click Add Effect, then 3D Spin.
Enter mentioned data in tab 3D Spin with Duration : 60 frames.

3D Spin

Enter mentioned data in tab Camera

Camera 3D Spin

Enter mentioned data in tab Cascade

Cascade 3D Spin

5 - In Timeline, Click 3D Spin effect to get it highlighted. Then hit CTRL C to copy the effect.

6 - In Timeline, click Frame 0 in row Text, then hit CTRL V to paste the effect. With the right mouse button, click the effect, then Propertiesin popup menu. Change data in tab Cascade as mentioned :

Cascade 3D Spin

7 - t 's over. You just have to test.

Now, it's up to you to improve.


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