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I maintain this page as archive since Swish2 is obsolete.


Swish is a software that permits to achieve Flash animations in a fast and convenient way without any script whereas creation directly with Flash is not a priori obvious.
SwishMax is slightly different, Flash is nevertheless more complete.

With html5, tablets and mobiles, Flash hast lost its influence because of Androïd and iOS.

In this site, built with html5 and css3, you'll find out animations, for Windows O.S.

Due to Flash obsolescence, animations are being converted into videos.

The tutorial delivered with the software, although interesting, describes only a general aspect.
Otherwise, there are many examples but without any explanation and the help file is too academic.
Right here my purpose is to show you some aspects from small examples that you will be able to study at your convenience.
Possibilities are quasi-infinite but effects remain quite tough to understand.

Forum has been deleted due to a lack of participation and feedback.

Keep in mind that Importing pictures in a clip increases drastically the file size even if you toggled the Compress SWF file Option in SwishMax.
In this case, it may be interesting to separate in several SWF files, joined together by event manager of buttons.
In another way, to avoid a movie slowdown due to useless calculations, place a Remove right after a Fade Out.
Here you 'll find out some examples fully explained.

If you use and improve them, please, be so cool enough to send me a version. I 'd appreciate.

You could easily adapt them using SwishMax.

Commented examples

     • Generalities.
     • Alpha.
     • Scanning.
     • Rotary Cube.
     • Drips.
     • External Image.
     • JavaScript and Buttons.
     • Rotary Logo.
     • Drop-down Menus.
     • Planets Moving.
     • Photo shutter.
     • Preloader
     • Light rays.
     • Scrolling Text.
     • Lightened Text.
     • Popup Text char by char.
     • Back Zoom.
     • Back Zoom with cascade.

Other samples not detailed

     • Gears
     • Bursting Text.
     • Bursting bomb with sound effect.
     • Machining.
     • Mathematical curves.(SwishMax)
     • Dynamic Cube.(script SwishMax)
     • Diamond.(script SwishMax)


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