Disappear from position


3D SpinSpin back and outWild - SL - Fade up
3D Spin outSpin out and unspinWild - Slide away
3D Spin out and growSpin out random to sideWild - Splatter
3D Spin out from centreSpin out to outsideWild - Turn Out
Bubble burstSpin random awayWild - Turnout
Come in - Blur outSpin random towardWild - X-Y-Scaleaway
Come in - Bye ByeSquash outWild - Y-Fade
Come in - DisappearanceSqueeze and Cascade outWild - Zoom out
Come in - Mystery outSqueeze and rotate outWind - Breeze
Curl - Curl outSqueeze out and swoop awayWind - Storm
Drop awaySqueeze out to linesWind - Vaporize
Explode downSqueeze out with rotateExplode down slowly
Squeeze out with spinExplode towardSqueeze small jump
Fade - Burn outStream and turn out to sideFade - Std fade out
Stream out to sideFade - Wipe outSwirl out
Feather fallingVortexFlatten - Flat out
Vortex downFlatten - Turn offVortex down and away to side
Kerning - Kern outVortex down and fly awayMove apart in random directions
Vortex spin outOpen up the curtainVortex sucked up
Radiation - Warm Glow inVortex together and fly upRadiation - Warm Glow out
Vortex up and away to sideRandom jumpbackWhirlpool out
Random spin and riseWild - Alternate 2Rise and inflate
Wild - Boring OneScale outWild - Compress
Scale out and Squeeze inWild - Flow out


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