Looping continuously


3D CorkscrewQuiver - Stand StillWild - Planetflow
3D Spin whole objectRainbow - Slow WhirlWild - Pop Big
3D Twist and turn loopRainbow BulgesWild - Pulse
All at seaRippling WaterWild - Rainbow
BoogieRockingWild - Silver Blob
Break Out - Break WaveRollercoasterWild - Stress
BreatstrokeRotate and ScaleWild - Wave
Cascade around CircleRubber TrampolineZig-Zag
Cascading Rainbow BulgesShaking a springCascading Waves
Shout - CrawlerCircle - Slow ClockShout - Shout Aloud
Curtain WavingSnake - FlatDisco
Snake - RollercoasterFlag - Waving BannerSnake - Rolling Banner
Flag - Waving FlagSpinning coins loopFlag Waving
Squeeze elastic to sizeFlapping WaveSurfin - Pass the bucket
Hidden MessageSurfin - PistonsJump for joy
Surfin - Surfin USAMove Around CircleTigger jumping
Move around Circle and SpellTornadoMove around Circle Flat and Spell
Tube - CorkscrewMove Around DiamondWagging tail
Move around RectangleWiggle - Color CycleOrbit Circle
Wild - 3D RotateOrbit Circle FlatWild - Alpha Wave
Orbit DiamondWild - Big UpPistons
Wild - Big WavePulsingWild - Flimmer
Push over hillsWild - Halfturn


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