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3D AgitatorSlow swell3D Hinge backward
Spin - Pancake3D Scale and twistSpinning coins
3D Twist and turnSquish rotate and grow inAccordian
Stretch down and backAlternate GunslingerSurfin - Hectic
Bullet - Fly byTube - BottleneckBullet - Heart Beat
Tube - RollinBullet - RippleTwist up and fade
Can - Can kicksWaveCaterpillar wiggle
Wave - DizzyChaosWave - Jump for joy
Coming at your waveWave - LighthouseDouble arch and dive
Wave - On DietDragged away by centreWave - Red Sea
Executive toyWave - Std WaveFrequency - 1000 hertz
Wave fadeGo around to backWave rotate
Jump up out and twistWave scaleKinetic - Skid
Wave skewMexican Wave 2Wave stretch tall
Pull down and bounce backWave stretch tall and skinnyPull forward at ends
Wave stretch wideRotate - TurnWave stretch wide and short
Scale Wave ShotWhirlpool - WhipScurry around
Whirlpool - WhirlShuffleWiggle - The Wave


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