_width , _height


- Create a new clip (size 640x480).

- Insert a dynamic text.

- Clear the word 'text' in edit field.

- Enter txtdyn in field Name

- In Scene_1, write the following script :
onLoad () { txtdyn=_root._width; }
( we want to display the width of the scene, either 640 )

- Go now in tab Export

Untoggle Mask off-stage objects

- Click menu File / Test / Test in player

You'll notice it's the width of the rectangle of text which has been displayed.

- Toggle now Mask off-stage objects

- Test again.

You'll notice it's the correct value which is displayed

The Help section says :
Check this option to mask objects if they are completely outside the defined Movie area.

I don't see any link with a dynamic text fully in the scene.
Bug, isn'it ?


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