Trouble converting to SwishMax


I have noticed some dysfunction with converted Swish2 movies.
Some stop, place, remove, gotoSceneAndPlay(scene, frame) did not run.

I 'm gonna take as a basis a Swishmax movie you 'd see HERE

You probably have noticed when the mouse is over a button a text is displayed at the right side.
With Swish2, it was about simple texts and it was running in the way I gonna explain hereafter :

timeline sous swish2

You guess easily the Event handling of On (Roll Over) and On (Roll Out) 'll use GoTo Frame X so that the corresponding text 'd be displayed and the others be hidden.
Conversion has unabled the display of the texts.

I fixed up the trouble converting every text to Sprite, then just putting aPlace, a Remove, and 3 Stop.

outline sous swishmax    timeline du sprite sous swishmax

here it is, for instance, the script for button Comptes :

Remark :
If there are many objects, it's better to declare an array of objects, then to define a function with a loop on objects.
For instance :
objArray = new Array;
objArray[1] = "BulleComptes";
objArray[2] = "BulleUtilitaire";
objArray[3] = "BulleCDI";
objArray[4] = "BulleSites";

function manageSprite( numobject )
     for (i = 1; i <= 5 ; i++)
     { // set or unset depending on numobject value
          if ( i == numobject ) tellTarget (_root.objArray[i]) { gotoAndPlay(2); }
          else tellTarget (_root.objArray[i]) { gotoAndPlay(4); }

The call of the function in the script of object BulleComptes 'd be :
_root.manageSprite( 1 );

How frustrating it is, to have not all functionalities of the C language for example !


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