Slide show with imported images


The goal is to create a slideshow with 13 external images loaded from a directory on a server. Simple effects are set : fade in, waiting, fade out for each image.

It 's basically a script and a good understanding of progamming is required. We need a php script to get widths, heights and total of image files as well.

Also, you 'll get another good idea of the use of setInterval method.

⇒ animation ⇐

First, download the images file.
We gonna describe the differents stages right away.

Creating Objects

1 - Set up movie sizes 320x240. Any Background color 'll fit. Frame rate = 30.

2 - Create a dynamic text named text , as shown in pictures.
We need it to display titles.


3 - In the middle of the stage, insert a Sprite named Conteneur.
It 'll be used as image container.

PHP Script

Open a text editor and enter the following script. Save it as readImgSize.php.
It 'll be called by swf.

SwishMax Script

Here 's script for Scene_1

'Et voilà', it's up to you to improve effects ( _xscale, _yscale, _rotation, ... )


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