Buttons array


The goal is to show how to manage an array of buttons cloned from a genuine one..
The 3 states are under control.
A reset button switches all buttons to original state.
It 's basically a script and a good understanding of progamming is required.

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Reset button gave me some trouble because I wished a neat code using some ActionScript methods :
AsBroadcaster.initialize(xxx); xxx.addListener( yyy ); yyy.broadcastMessage("une_fonction");
but I did not succeed. So, if somebody has got any idea...
Fortunately, I found out a so simple workaround I wonder why I did not think of it before.

We gonna describe the differents stages right away.

Creating Objects

1 - Set up movie sizes 460x315. Background color : 000000. Frame rate = 35.

2 - Create a square modele , as mentioned hereafter :


3 - Convert to sprite, name it btn.

4 - Create a dynamic text as shown :


5 - Creating reset button :
    - first framework :


    - then title :


Group, Convert to button named b_reset.
Play with colors.

SwishMax Script

Here's script for Scene_1

Here's script for b_reset
on (release)
    _root.removeAll();    // destroy sprites
    _root.initStates();    // rebuilt initial states
    _root.txtdyn = "";    // no button clicked

Here's script for btn

Et voilà, it's up to you.


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