Writing effect with Motion Path


The purpose is to create a writing effect with toolMotion Path associated with a Transform effect upon text. No script needed.
I suppose you know well how to create objects, thus I will not insist on.

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Creating Objects

1 - Set up width 320, height 240 and a background color #FFFFCC.
Frame Rate 35.

2 - Now create, in the middle of the scene, a black text : font CommercialScript BT size 48.
Enter the following text Ecrivez moi. You'd yield :

Text    Transform

3 -Right now, place the following image at the beginning of the E loop.


Installing Effects

Then the most difficult :
You have to associate the move of the feather with a faded-in effect of the text..

- Text Effect
In 'Timeline', frame 1 of text being selected, click Add Effect / Core Effects / Transform.
Right now, don't mind with the frame number, you 'd adjust it right away.
Effect gonna act on alpha value.
Set up pannels Transform, Cascade and Easing as shown.




- Feather displacement
Object feather being selected in graphic zone, click Motion Path
Every time a point 'll be clicked, a frame with a Move effect 'll be placed in Timeline.
Now, create the motion path as followed without forgetting the dots.


At end, you'll set up a last Move effect to lay down the feather.


Move(7) : Motion Path from the last i dot below the text.
Move(10) : Rotate effect (see image).


- Adjustment.
In this example, 321 frames have been used for the motion path, so I 've adjusted the frame number of Transform effect to 380 to synchronize as best as possible. It's up to you to adapt to your own work.
You could associate a Sprite to the feather to get it oscillated at the same time it moves, but it's a little bit tough to manage.


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