Drawing segments progressively


The purpose is to simulate a progressive drawing of segments using the Transform effect.
I suppose you know well how to create objects, thus I will not insist on.

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Creating Objects

1 - Set up a movie scene : width 160, height 120 and a background color #000066.
Set Frame Rate to 35.

2 - Right now you gonna create a set of horizontal and vertical lines (color #FF9900), 2 pixels spaced.
Inasmuch as it's repetitive, I'll give the parameters to set in tab Transform in the following array.


Anchor pointXY WH
Center Left5535500
Top Center10535050
Center Right10585500
Bottom Center5585048
Anchor pointXY WH
Center Left5537480
Top Center10337046
Center Right10383460
Bottom Center5783044
Anchor pointXY WH
Center Left5739440
Top Center10139042
Center Right10181420
Bottom Center5981040
Anchor pointXY WH
Center Left5941400
Top Center9941038
Center Right9979380
Bottom Center6179036
Anchor pointXY WH
Center Left6143360
Top Center9743034
Center Right9777340
Bottom Center6377032
Anchor pointXY WH
Center Left6345320
Top Center9545030
Center Right9575300
Bottom Center6575028
Anchor pointXY WH
Center Left6547280
Top Center9347026
Center Right9373260
Bottom Center6773024
Anchor pointXY WH
Center Left6749240
Top Center9149022
Center Right9171220
Bottom Center6971020
Anchor pointXY WH
Center Left6951200
Top Center8951018
Center Right8969180
Bottom Center7169016
Anchor pointXY WH
Center Left7153160
Top Center8753014
Center Right8767140
Bottom Center7367012
Anchor pointXY WH
Center Left7355120
Top Center8555010
Center Right8565100
Bottom Center756508
Anchor pointXY WH
Center Left755780
Top Center835706
Center Right836360
Bottom Center776304
Anchor pointXY WH
Center Left775940
Top Center815902
Center Right816120

Installing Effects

You are about to make each segment to progressively appear as if it was handdrawn.
In Timeline, for each segment, you gonna set a Transform effect over 10 frames.


Open the Properties dialog box of Transform effect. In every tab Cascade, enter


In each tab Transforms, you should adjust that follows.
Here is the example for the very first horizontal line which 'll appear progressively from left to the right.


By default, point X=0, Y=0 stands at the middle of the segment.
Nothing to do with the anchor point.
This segment is 50 wide and considering the fact that X increases from left to right, you have to set the starting point as being the left end of the segment to get the right direction for the drawing effect.
At start, X scale is set to 0, Y scale is set to 100. At end, all is set to 100.

To sum up :
- To get an horizontal drawing effect from left to the right, set a negative X starting point ( half width ) and a X scale set to 0.
- To get an horizontal drawing effect from right to the left, set a positive X starting point ( half width ) and a X scale set to 0.
- To get a vertical drawing effect from top to bottom, set a negative Y starting point ( half height ) and a Y scale set to 0.
- To get a vertical drawing effect from bottom to top, set a positive Y starting point ( half height ) and a Y scale set to 0.

Just finish up the example considering the previous explanations.
Nevertheless, it 'd better to build this example using only a script.

Remark : Here is an example of a sloped line using Transform.
Scene : 320x240.
Transform Effect :
Start : X = -160 Y = 120 Scale 0% X=Y
Anchor Point : Bottom Left

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