Dynamic Perspective while dragging mouse


The purpose is to show a dynamic evolution of a perspective using the mouse to move vanishing points.
A color gradient is optional ( randomized over the upper face ).
The lucky guys who love scripts are gonna served.
I suppose you know well how to create objects, thus I wont insist on.

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Click over gradient label to get cube colored and move the two vanishing points to change perspective on the fly.

Better than a long speech, a picture shows you the parameters we 'll used.
The left vanishing point is F1, the right one is F2.

Creating Objects

1 - Set up movie size 640x480 , background color #000066.
Frame Rate 35.

2 - Set up 2 cursors : hslider1 et hslider2.
Here is hslider1 ( Target toggled. ) :


Put hslider2 in X = 630 Y = 10
( As a matter of fact, it doesn't matter 'cause we 'll set them up in script )

3 - Create a static text at bottom of the stage for gradient :


4 - Draw a tiny green circle at the left side of the previous text.
Name it dotG. Target toggled.


5 - At the same place, draw the same circle but filled in red.
Nommez le dotR. Target coch.

6 - Crez un texte statique en bas de la scne droite du texte gradient.
Name it filaire. Target toggled.



Right now, all happiness. 

In Outline, select Scene_1, get in Expert Mode. Enter the following script :

In Outline, select gradient text. Enter the following script :

In Outline, select hslider1. Enter the following script :

In Outline, select hslider2. Enter the following script :

Phew !


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