Water sprinkler (duplicateSprite)


The purpose is to show water sprinkler animation.
It's only ActionScript. You couldn't test in SwishMax only in dans FlashPlayer and in a browser (Export / SWF+HTML)
I suppose you know well how to create objects, thus I wont insist on.

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Creating Objects

1 - Set up movie size 640x433 and background color #6666FF.
Frame Rate 50 fps or whatever.

2 - Draw a rectangle in the lower half of the stage.
Set up a linear gradient colors. Turn x-axis : -90°.


3 - Insert a void sprite at point 320, 300. Name it dot.(important) Target toggled


In Outline, select scene, get in Expert Mode. Enter the following script :

In Outline, select sprite dot. Enter the following script :

Et Voilà, that's it.


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