Checkerboard Effect


The goal is to show a checkerboard effect to make an image uncovered.
It 's basically a script and a good understanding of progamming is required.

⇒ animation ⇐

Move mouse over and outside the scene.

We gonna describe the differents stages right away.

First download an image. 

Creating Objects

1 - Set up Movie sizes 500x500. Background color : 3D577E. Frame rate = 50

2 - Insert image so that the upper left corner stands in 0,0.

3 - Draw a square 50x50. Background color : 3D577E.
Anchor point : upper left.
Name it square. Target toggled.
Watch out images :

shape    shape

SwishMax Script

Here is the script for Scene_1

Well, it's pretty basic; you could improve script code.


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