Morphing (Script)


The goal is to show Morphing using mathematical curves.
It 's basically a script and a good understanding of progamming is required.

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Morphing will start automatically. Click on scene to get the next transformation.

The first curve is a circle, then an astroïd, then another mathematical curve, and to end up a cardioïde.
It'd be better to wait a while to let the transformation finishing up before clicking.

Flash really does create morphing inside its platform. Swishmax doesn't.

We gonna describe the differents stages right away.

Creating Objects

Set up movie sizes 640x480. Background color : 0000FF. Frame rate = 150.

SwishMax Script

Voici le script général de Scene_1

Well, it's just wild imaginings from my cerebral cortex.
I think an application to flipping pages of a book.
Till now, this hasn't be done using morphing.


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