% Preloader : squares


The purpose is to set up a percent preloader using 10 little squares which 'll be highlighted progressively and a script.
I suppose you know well how to create objects, thus I will not insist on.

You could not test in Swishmax, only with Flash Player or Browser.

Creating Objects

1 - Set up Movie size 640x480 (background color #009900). Frame Rate : 35.

2 - Insert a static text as shown below :


3 -Insert a dynamic text as shown below :



In Outline, select Scene_1. Rename it Preloader
Enter the following script :

I have tested it and it works good. If it doesn't work for you, check out with the images above ( target toggled, anchor center, ...)
You might set up many colours for the gradient as you want, but don't forget colors, alphas, ratios arrays MUST have the same numbers of items.


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