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SwishMax is the normal evolution of Swish but more complex.
I do appreciate the numerous effects added as well as authoring. It's obvious Flash MX is more complete.
(see ActionScript for Flash MX - The Definitive Guide - Colin Moock - O'Reilly)

But, with Swishmax, there is a weak respect of rules and variable type declaration as in C, C++, ...

SwishMax is now case-sensitive as high level languages are. So, check out your old scripts and fix them up if needed.
May I suggest working with the original release, not that of your native language, because of bad translation.

Otherwise, there is a FREE software to make flash without having flash : DrawSwf

A book issued (12-2004) : Official SWiSHmax Bible par Donna L. Baker. ISBN: 0-7645-7563-5

    Download some stuff I got from windowatch.com (Links I gave are down now) ⇒ 
Warning ! The size is 94 MB !
... Right here, it's free.

Besides, if you wish a website animation, do think about the downloading time either the complexity is non-essential. I must admit that the Guided Mode is useful for the user who has got a pretty good idea of his 'scenario'.

It's indeed a very bad idea to use a Flash movie
for asking login and password.
A Flashmovie always runs at client side, never at server side.
And reverse engineering is still there !
Ok, you are now aware.

Let's see the new features, then some examples.
I must say all examples run fine; therefore, whether you got trouble, please watch out again your work more carefully. Particularly, preloaders, which all work.

To Mention : You could not test Swishmax scripts which include ActionScript methods, only with Flash Player or Browser.

These animations, built using SwishMax1, fit with browsers and html at the time they were released.
Some url, called inside some animations might not be good right now.
If you wish to use scripts built with older releases of SwishMax, check out carefully the code if needed.

Due to Flash obsolescence, animations are being converted into videos.

Acting the weakness of interest and lack of feedback when an answer was given, I have decided to close down the forum.

The Effects libraries:

     • Appear into position.
     • Disappear from position.
     • Looping continuously.
     • One off.
     • Return to start.


     • The predefined variables.
     • Mathematical functions.
     • Usual functions.

Bugs ?

     • _width, _height : Bad value in a script depending on toggled option.
     • _root._width : ever bugged.
     • Error handling data in Effect Properties box
     • OnEnterFrame - Debug mode.
     • In FOR loops.
     • Variables without type 'd give random bug.
     • Fixing up some problems.


     • To play a sound every time whatever browser.
     • To protect your clip.
     • Condition If and Playsound.
     • How to open another SWF movie from a main movie.
     • Correcting plugin Flash (IE Microsoft).
     • How to convert an AVI to SWF.
     • Custom context menu


     • Transparent Background.
     • Buttons : Previous, Next, Return.
     • Buttons array.
     • Simple Preloader: moving dots.
     • % Preloader (ribbon).
     • Preloader (just Script).
     • % Preloader (sector).
     • % Preloader (squares).
     • % Preloader (equally disposed circles).
     • Import HTML from PHP or text file.
     • Import HTML, SWF, PHP with IFRAME and Javascript.
     • Read-Write Text File.
     • Export SWF data form to database MySql using PHP script.
     • Sending data form SWF using PHP script.
     • Loading external SWF.
     • Menu with Iframe.
     • Drop-down menus.
     • Menu Mac.
     • Slide show with internal images.
     • Slide show with imported images.
     • Photo Album with external images.
     • External Images with dynamic corners.
     • Image rotates when mouse moves.
     • Background Image and date.
     • Text Editor.
     • Dynamic Text with scrollbar.
     • MP3 reader with ID3 informations (Streaming).
     • MP3 : play, pause, stop.
     • Zoom and Moving on a map.
     • Magnifying glass effect.
     • Writing effect with Motion Path.
     • Drawing segments progressively.
     • RollOver RollOut.
     • Managing a webcam.
     • Falling snow (DuplicateSprite).
     • Quiz.
     • Blur (DuplicateSprite).
     • Math curve (DuplicateSprite).
     • Heart beat monitor.
     • BeginGradientFil (linear).
     • BeginGradientFill (radial).
     • curveTo.
     • water waves ( script + ripple ).
     • Rounded TurnPage.
     • Sprites with MotionPath and Timer.
     • Custom colors with setTransform.
     • Change mouse cursor.
     • Dynamic Perspective while dragging mouse.
     • HitTest, Mouse, PlaySound.
     • Bubbles using script with duplicateSprite.
     • Water sprinkler script.
     • Merry-go-round script.
     • Spots which go on successively.
     • System Test (ActionScript).
     • Bouncing ball.
     • Checkerboard Effect.
     • Morphing (just Script).
     • Box with a thumb index.


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