Portfolio from an xml file


The goal is to create a portfolio reading informations from an xml file.

Converting animation into video was not successful.

I also have built a more completed animation (F and GB) : Camping Les beauxreves.
See photo album : row of 20 pictures displayed at a time.
When you move the mouse over an item, its color changes and a thumbail appears underneath.
When the mouse leaves, the thumbnail disappears.
When you click an item the true picture is been displayed with a legend underneath.

We gonna describe the different stages right now.

the xml file

In that example, it has been named portfolio.xml. Here's an excerpt :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
      <thumbnail url="zlin-savage-cruiser-thumb.jpg" />
      <diapo url="zlin-savage-cruiser.jpg" />
      <legende>Le bon moyen de se dplacer dans les grands espaces du Canada.</legende>
          <thumbnail url="ka50-thumb.jpg" />
          <diapo url="ka50.jpg" />
          <legende>Un gros insecte russe : le KA50.</legende>

You could insert an absolute url to different sites as well.
Warning :
- If you need to display some special characters (as French language has go), do think converting your xml file (when finished) from Unicode ANSI to UTF-8.
If you don't, you could get some strange characters or truncated words.
- Export as SWF9, otherwise item numbers 'd be displayed.

Creating objects

The following only concerns the example.
As I don't give the pictures, it 'll be up to you to change settings.
The script 'd be always fine.

1 - General settings 640x640. Background color #333333.
Frame rate = 25.

2 - Create a dynamic text to display legend , at the bottom. ( variable : txtdyn )

Script animation

In Scene_1 , enter :

Et voil, that's all !
We could have used only real images with a 10% scale as thumbnails in thumbnail definition code.
We could have only displayed a sequence of 10 pictures, but adding 2 buttons to get the 10 next/previous pictures.
We could have added a timer to get a slide show.


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