The goal is to create a captcha in Flash.
It's usually used to avoid bots to fill in forms. You can make it with the gd library in PHP language.

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Remark: Captchas are gradually left 'cause bots are more and more sophisticated
It's better to use tokens. See Php for that

We gonna describe the different stages right now.

Creatings Objects

1 - Movie settings 300x200. Background color 0033CC.
Frame rate = 35.

2 - Create a dynamic text L = 220 H = 45 centré. Variable : txtdyn

texte dynamique  properties

3 - Convert into MovieClip MovieClip : Modify -> Convert -> Convert to MovieClip
Name it Captcha. target toggled.

4 - Set a core effect Wild Pulse for instance.

wild pulse  Custom

5 - Create an Input text. Name : aText. Max Chars : 9.

texte input

6 - Create a rectangle then a static text OK.
Group as button : Modify -> Grouping -> Group as button.


Le script de l'animation

In Scene_1, enter :

For the button :

Et voilà, that's it !


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