If you need several scenes in your movie, here is an easy way to select the scene you want to see from a main scene, using Labels.

- First create the main scene with the following script :

onFrame (1) { setLabel("MAIN"); }
onFrame (10) { stop(); }

This scene will be known as MAIN.
stop() prevents going to the next scene.

- Then insert 3 other scenes (for instance) with the following script :

onFrame (1) { setLabel("ONE"); } // "TWO" pour la deuxième, "THREE" pour la troisième
onFrame (150) { stop(); }

In each scene, put anything you want.

- Return to the main scene, create for instance 3 text you 'll convert to buttons.
(button1, button2, button3)

For each button, insert script as :

// // "ONE" for button1, "TWO" for button2, "THREE" for button3, and so on...
on (release) { gotoAndPlay("ONE"); }

In other words, when clicking upon button 1, you 'll go to scene labelled "ONE". ( and so on... )

- In all scenes, allow a return button to the main scene with the following script :

on (release) { gotoAndPlay("MAIN"); }


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