The goal is to create a star as it could twinkle in the sky at night. No script! Just core effects Fade In and Fade Out.

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The different stages are gonna described right now.

Création des Objets

1 - Set up stage sizes 320x240. Black background.
Frame rate = 15.

2 - Create a circle named cercle , as shown hereafter :


Be sure by clicking O=X, then the central tiny square that you got _x=160 et _y=120 (centre)

3 - Create a vertical ellipse named v1 , as shown hereafter :


Move v1 at the bottom of the outline tree. (the circle will hide v1)

4 - Copy v1 and paste the new object named h1 :

Set up 90 for rotationso that h1 'll be horizontal; lthe other parameters 'll automatically change.
Move h1 at the bottom of the outline tree.

5 - Copy and paste h1 ( used as a basic object to get others ). Name it 45d.


First increase sizes ( previous width x 1.414 ; thickness 6 )
Change rotation last : 45. You 'll see the new values.
Move 45d at the bottom of the outline tree.

6 - Copy and paste h1 to get object 45g.


Same process as previously except rotation.
Move 45g at the bottom of the outline tree.

7 - Copy and paste h1 to get another objects
Watch out images and reproduce. Move then the objects at the bottom of the outline tree.
r1, r2, r3, r4 are the brand new objects.





The left image show you the outline tree. Convert each object to MovieClip.



We only use Fade In et Fade Out.
For v1 et h1 : Fade In 10frames + Fade Out 10frames.
For 45d et 45g : Fade Out 20frames + Fade In 10frames.
For r1, r2, r3, r4 : Fade In 5frames + Fade Out 5frames.
Group all objects as MovieClip

"Et voilà" , it's up to you to improve that example.


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