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This page is dedicated to issues following N°1.

In September 2007, a new released occured : SwishMax 2. (As a matter of fact, 3 versions at the end of January 2008)
New worshop and new editor. Now, you could convert movies to FLV format. Good!

SwishMax 3 was issued in August 2009, with changes at the beginning of September, then end of November.
Swishmax 4 in November 2010 with Morphing and new effects.

Be aware that code is now case sensitive. So, have a look to your old scripts!
For instance, you could not write ("star"+i)._x = xx; but eval("star"+i)._x = xx;

Warning! SwishMax2 doesn't proceed to all corrections needed.

Acting the weakness of interest and lack of feedback when an answer was given, I have decided to close down the forum.

With html5 and O.S. like Androïd and iOS, Flash is going down.

Due to Flash obsolescence, animations are being converted into videos.

SwishMax 2

     • Preloader (Script)
     • Spots which go on successively
     • Labels
     • Importing Video
     • From movie1 to movie2 and back to a frame of movie1
     • Read-Write Text File
     • Flash menu and html frames
     • Rotating triangle filled with gradient colors
     • Star
     • Stars ballet
     • Lit up Xmas tree
     • Portfolio of external animations
     • Iframe examples with SwishMax2
     • Dropdown menus classical
     • Dropdown menus xml
     • Access control xml-php-mysql
     • Generating rss stream (xml php)
     • Portfolio from an xml file

SwishMax 3

     • Virtual keyboard

SwishMax 4

     • Captcha
     • Countdown
     • Text rollover gives image and sound
     • An hourglass with date follows mouse cursor
     • Spirograph
     • Moiré effect


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